iuseppe Borrello’s artistic experience stand as something very different form the artistic expression of the late Twentieth Century. His studies recall the extraordinary season of Italian painting and are based on the importance of the line and the chiaroscuro, capable of creating fascinating figures such as charming maidens, children and naked women under the influence of the religious iconography.

fig.1. "Composizione",
1992, monochrome
His world goes beyond the "Arte Povera", conceptualism and minimalism, and redefines the role of the painter in this period of highly advanced experiments where new techniques are used to express a deeper sense of humane existence.

In this perspective we can define the essence of Borrello’s experience, his capacity to fix a profile, to give consistence to thick hair, to circumscribe the shape of a pomegranate or a coffee-pot (fig.1). His engravings renew the vibrations of the signs, thus malling the drawing more intense. They reflect Borrello’s desire to impress the ancient streets of Sant’Agata di Esaro (Cosenza), its corroded walls (fig.2), its flowery balconies, its staircases leading into the houses, both on the slab and the sheet (fig.3).

fig.2. "S. Agata,
via S. Lucia"
, 1991,
monochrome pen
fig.3. "S.Agata,
, 1994,
fig.4. "Padre Pio", 1995, engraving fig.5. "Claudia", 1994, engraving

fig.7. "Estasi", 1994,
fig.6. "Nostalgia del
, 1993,
The succession of the impression underlines a world represented by "Padre Pio’s" (fig.4) absorbed and inspired expression, "Claudia’s" (fig.5) draping robe, the sweet melancholia of "Nostalgia for the sea" (fig.6), the girl portrayed in "Ecstasy" (fig.7) with her loose hair.

Beside the soft and harmonious line of the biro point, we have the suggestion of the silver point and the harder engravings that complete the wide corpus of the paintings on wood created by Borrello. His works on the whole reconsider the composition, the anatomy and the base of artistic performance and give a personal imprint to his production.

Tourin, 23 March 1996
Angelo Mistrangelo